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Ultimate Oil and Water by Anthony Owen

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the oil and water plot. It’s a plot that many magicians have obsessed over in their careers. Some versions have been very clean, and others have gotten so convoluted that it is impossible to follow. When it comes to the clean versions, it’s hard to beat Anthony Owen’s take. 

Anthony Owen’s Ultimate Oil and Water came out over a decade ago, and it made quite a name for itself. It has been unavailable for many years now, but Vanishing Inc has just released a remastered version of this classic effect.

The new version includes all the cards you need to perform it right out of the box, and it even comes with an additional item that allows you to gimmick your own cards. This means you can use any back design you want, and any cards you want that have a strong contrast. 

The download has been completely reshot in high definition with Anthony Owen teaching how to gimmick cards, his full three phase routine, an alternative set up by David Regal, a subtlety for the final phase, a super clean first phase, and even a version you can perform on a glass table with a camera looking up from below. All of these rely on a simple principle that is exploited to its greatest potential here.

The method is very practical, and easy to do. If you add the cards to a packet trick wallet, this can really fit perfectly in your set at any point. The routine even begins with all of the cards being examined, so there’s no need to worry about touching spectators wanting to look at the cards. I really think it’s hard to beat when it comes to oil and water routines. 

Overall, if you like the performance, there is nothing that should stop you from purchasing. It’s easy to do, practical, comes with everything you need, offers multiple handlings, and gives you the thing you need to make more sets in the future. 

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