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Tricks for Thoughts by Giacomo Bigliardi

This is a brand new project from Giacomo Bigliardi released through gumroad! I'll get into the format a bit at the end, but this is a very original and a fun new interactive style which will keep you intrigued from beginning to end.

Lies - The spectator thinks of any card in the deck, the deck is spread face up on the table and the performer asks questions about their card and the spectator may choose when to lie and when to tell the truth. The magician is able to spot the lies and successful identifies the card. A kicker ending demonstrates that none of the lies were freely said. This routine is very simple to do using a method you’re all familiar with; but Giacomo’s framing disguises the method, and uses the very method itself as a kicker ending. It does require a set up, but its a simple four card set up that can easily be done on the fly. The kicker ending is a great visual that packs a nice surprise punch. In addition to a deck of cards, you will also need a pen and paper, so be prepared for that. Again, it is simple, but the routine is strong, commercial, and truly engaging.

Impossible Location - A card is selected and lost in the deck while the deck is totally out of the performer’s hands, yet the performer is able to find the chosen card. The method used here reminds me of the work of Dani DaOrtis or Ben Earle; It has some similarities which are immediately noticeable to me, but Giacomo has layered them together to create something which is genuinely difficult to reconstruct for a spectator or magician. Simplicity is again at hand here, as the method itself is virtually self working. The presentational touches and subtleties are what bring this to life so vividly.

Magic and Arts - Here Giacomo compares the art of Music, Photography, Dance, and ultimately magic and then explores what makes magic meaningful.

Chaotic Production - Four aces are produced from a chaotically shuffled deck of cards. The visual is wonderful, and the method is simple (some may even say obvious to magicians?) But to laymen, the method is completely invisible and looks like the real deal.

20+2 Things I Learnt Performing Magic - These are brief statements about things Giacomo has learned about magic and about “real magic” in the real world. Some are tips for your magic, but most are tips for your life.

Plunger Control - A control that allows for extra freedom including tabling the deck after the card is inserted. This principle allows for a delayed control which adds to the deceptiveness of any card control. It is relatively easy to do, although there is a bit of knack to getting it down consistently. Giacomo explains all the details wonderfully and provides several adaptations and variations along the way.

There is also a bonus which is not a trick, but a group effort which will help you be more creative.

The format of this release is really creative as it combines text, video, magic, discussion, and music all in a well formatted and easy to follow interactive ebook.

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