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Heartbeat by Juan Colás

This simple little trick has taken the world by storm. 

Juan Colás has been performing this for magicians at conventions and blowing them away as you can see at the 41 minute mark of this Chris Ramsey video. 

I Went to The World Championship of MAGIC!! (FISM 2022) - YouTube

Juan’s effect is something that is felt and not seen. He holds a pencil and places it on the tip of the spectator's finger. When he touches his heart, the spectator feels the performer’s heartbeat through the pencil. 

This is officially being released at Ellusionist this Monday (May 15th) however, they completely sold out of their pre order units which means if you buy now, it will ship May 19th. 

Let’s go over what you receive. You get a tin with a pencil, a special something to help get the pencil ready, some powder to eliminate sweaty hands, and a 30 minute tutorial. 

This easily could have been a download only, but Geraint has been very clear that the reasons it’s not a download are:

1. Downloads aren’t selling well currently.

2. Downloads are easier to pirate.

3. He wants you to have the exact pencil Juan uses. 

The fascinating thing about this is that it only uses a normal ungimmicked pencil and your hand. You can prepare the pencil (it takes about 5 seconds) to make the effect work a little better, but the prep may not even be necessary for you. Juan goes over why he chose this specific pencil which he considers to be the best thing to use for the trick, but he also discusses some other things you can use like cigarettes, vapes, your own finger, etc. You can experiment and find other objects that work for you as well. 

The tutorial is the perfect length. It begins with full credit to the source that this is based on which was a trick based on sound. Next we are treated to a performance by Juan where we can hear the beautiful script he uses to frame the effect. Juan then goes over what you get in the box, and finally discusses when and why to do this before diving into the method. While the method is being taught, there are closeups and slow motion so that you can see precisely how it works. He also tells you how to practice so that you know you’re nailing it because this is something you can’t feel if you try it on yourself. Juan then covers the routine that turns this into a full performance piece. He is joined by Christian Grace in this section. Here he also discusses some faults you may have when performing and the correct rhythm. The coolest thing to me is that Juan says for him the climax of the routine is the hug at the end. The magic is sharing this embrace where your hearts are touching, creating a connection that is deeper than just a simple magic trick.

I will say, when I first saw the performance on Chris Ramsey, I knew exactly how it worked. However, it’s worth picking up to get the precise pencil to use, learn the extra prep you can do to make it easier, learn the full routine, and learn the thinking that accompanies the trick. The method is simple and based on a principle that's as old as the hills, but don’t let that distract you from the beautiful routine Juan has constructed. This isn’t a routine that’s meant to be performed on stage or table hopping. This is meant for a special moment, and if you use it correctly, I guarantee it will have a huge impact on your spectator. 

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