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False Anchors Volume 5 - Ryan Schlutz

If you haven’t heard of the False Anchors series by Ryan Schlutz, you’ve been missing out on some really wonderful and powerful magic. Ryan is one of my favorite card workers. Every time I see him in person, he fools me badly—usually multiple times. He has one of the best eyes for developing card magic which genuinely fools and baffles even the smartest magicians in the room, and laymen adore his work. I have been using his material with great success for years. This volume is back to strictly card magic, and it is a doozy.

The descriptions below are in Ryan’s words.

Two Fair.

The most visual trick I have ever created. That’s right, I used the word “visual” to describe one of my tricks. Two Fair is one of the most fair transpositions you can perform. Two cards continue to switch locations, ending with a transposition that takes place while one of the cards is being guarded in the spectator’s very own hands!

This is a beautiful transposition routine. It’s quite casual, and the first transposition is one which is so visual, the magicians in the audience will believe you are doing some kind of out-of-this-world sleight of hand, but in actuality, the method is very simple. The kicker ending of the card transforming while in the spectator’s hand is one of the most convincing transpositions you’ll see. We have all had those spectators who want to “check” the card while it’s in their hand—now they can. This is one of the easiest routines in the book, but the impact will far outweigh the work to make it happen.

Randomly Constructed

The spectator freely creates a playing card, and I really mean freely. The value and suit they pick are completely out of your control, and yet you know exactly what the card is without any trace of deception. You get two different handlings, a few reveal ideas, and a trick you’ll be performing for everyone.

This is classic Ryan Schlutz thinking. The two methods included each offer their own advantage. One requires a very simple set up which can easily be gotten into during the heat of the moment, and the second requires a set up that would be difficult to get into in the moment. I will absolutely be using the first method. It’s so simple to get into, and the spectator gets the chance to “create” a card using genuinely free and random choices. There are several reveals discussed at the end which are enough to get the creative juices flowing, because ultimately, how you reveal it is totally up to you. That’s part of the beauty of this method. You can insert it into ANY trick you already do to use a thought of card instead of a card that has been removed.

No Weigh!

My take on the classic weighing the cards plot, “No Weigh!” is a full routine that allows you to not only showcase your card weighing skills, but your pip weighing skills as well. But wait, there’s more. As this routine comes to a close, the doors of many more possibilities open up - so get ready to dust off your creativity hat.

I have always been a fan of weighing effects, and I’ve always found them to be very entertaining; however, I have found that sometimes it seems TOO believable. This routine has a nice structure which builds dramatically and goes from possible, to highly improbable, to impossible. There are several methods working together here to make this routine work, and in many ways, it reminds me of some of Stewart James’s work. It is certainly a set up which must be done before you are in front of your audience as it is quite complex, but I can see a performer running with this in their parlor act and making this a lovely center piece in their show.


A completely impromptu effect that can easily be adapted to fit anyone’s style of card magic. This trick presents itself as a classic “find a card” plot at first, which disarms the spectator for the ultimate kicker ending that is sure to leave them dumbfounded.

This is a simple effect with a simple method. It’s easy to follow, and it has several strong moments for laymen. Ryan has developed a nice use for a Steve Beam force and a way to perform this effect without the need for culling. It is an effect which will feel familiar to many, but the combination works nicely together and has a nice economy to it.

You can purchase this from Ryan at the link below. All orders will receive a free deck of False Anchors as well. The first 100 orders will receive V3 of False Anchors. All other orders will receive V2 of the False Anchors deck; both decks are gorgeous.

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