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Everybody’s Magic

Today’s blog post is less of a review and more of a spreading of awareness. 

Vanishing Inc. has partnered with Professor Richard Wiseman and The College of Magic in South Africa to produce Everybody’s Magic, a special book for children designed to give the gift of magic and support young magicians.

From the ad copy, “Everybody’s Magic is a one-of-a-kind beginner magic book designed to be gifted to any young person in your life. Adorned with bright and fun authentic South African artwork, this glossy, full-color booklet gets children excited about learning magic. It features easy-to-follow instructions for some of the best easy magic tricks anyone can learn from making money appear out of thin air to reading minds. The book itself even has a fun prediction built in!

Every trick is taught by a student of the College of Magic, including accompanying videos that make learning magic tricks easier than ever. Additionally, children will love reading the fascinating stories about the history of magic that can be found in-between tricks.

Each book comes with a custom-made deck of Everybody’s Magic playing cards printed by USPCC on premium stock.”

The best part is that all profits from Everybody’s Magic will be donated to the College of Magic to support their mission for years to come. There’s also a special pay what you want model that allows you to add on further donations. 

Vanishing Inc has been a huge part of the College of Magic in South Africa, and this new endeavor is a great way for all magicians to get involved and directly help a great charity which uses magic to teach young students skills that will set them up for success. 

The book itself is very well written and beautifully illustrated. The images jump off the page, and the colors are sure to keep young performers engaged. The tricks themselves are all the basic beginner magic tricks you know and love, and the history stories between the tricks are interesting characters that most people probably haven’t heard of. My favorite part of the book is that it is culturally diverse and it shows that magic truly is for everybody. It’s about time magic books represent the diverse world we live in. 

My recommendation is to pick up several of these books and hand them out when you have a younger person who shows an especially strong interest in your performance. VI also appears to offer bulk pricing if you’re interested in buying a larger amount to host a magic camp or something similar. 

Overall, this is a great way to support a worthy cause, and the product you receive is top notch. Pick up 1... or 10 of these today and make a young person's day!

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