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Cube in Bottle Project

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

This blog primarily focuses on book reviews, however for the 2022 season, I have decided to include non-book reviews on a regular basis. These non-book reviews will be briefer and may include downloads, subscriptions, or physical products. Some of these reviews will be for new releases, and some will be for tried-and-true items that I feel deserve more recognition.

Today, let's take a look at the Cube in Bottle Project from Vanishing Inc.

This project is so popular, Vanishing Inc struggles to keep it in stock! And now I see why.

There is something that is so intriguing to laymen about seeing an impossible object; seeing a deck of cards in a bottle or a Rubik's cube in a bottle immediately creates drama and tension as the audience attempts to work out how that object got in there in the first place. In the past, the object in bottle was just something to look at; an intriguing paperweight or display on your shelf. Where I believe this project really shines is in the routine which uses the impossible object to create the intrigue, but quickly turns that intrigue into a purely magical experience. More on that later.

When I first opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the packaging. Everything was packed nice and neat, and the package truly does contain everything you need to put the cube into the bottle. I was certain I'd be hunting my junk drawers for at least a few items to assist with the process, but Vanishing Inc really means it when they say everything is included. I was really happy to see this because it meant I could immediately get to work following along to the downloadable video. I watched David Stryker calmly and confidently put a cube into a bottle with ease. His attention to detail made it very easy to follow the process, and his tips and tricks along the way ensure everything stays in perfect order throughout. I recommend watching the entire process from beginning to end before you attempt it yourself. This will give you a full understanding of what's to come, and it will only help the actual process go smoother.

As impossible as the object seems to be, it actually isn't too difficult to do. If you think of it as a fun puzzle, it is quite relaxing. That said, don't expect to have it completed in less than a half hour. It will take some time. The great news is that you have full control over what configuration the cube is in within the bottle meaning you can use any algorithm you are already comfortable with without having to relearn anything.

In addition to learning how to put a Rubik's cube in to a bottle, you also learn a wonderful routine which relates the cube with a search for perfection in life. It's a fun cube matching routine with some comedic moments, and there's no doubt that the cube being in the bottle adds to the impossibility in the minds of the spectators because it makes it clear that you aren't manipulating the cube to match the one they mixed. Taylor teaches a gimmicked and a non gimmicked method, and there's no doubt that the gimmicked version looks cleaner, but in order to perform that routine, you will have to purchase an additional $155 gimmick.

You are also treated to a performance of the routine by Mark James which eliminates the deep presentation about life and supplements it with pure 80’s nostalgia.

Taylor also teaches an idea for instantly solving the cube while in the bottle. There's no doubt about it, it looks great! However, to be able to use the solve in the bottle with the matching routine you will have to put two cubes in two bottles and do a switch.

No stone is left unturned with this project. You even get a look at the best way to pack your impossible bottle for travel to ensure it arrives safely at the event. This is the type of information which makes it clear this is a routine that has been worked in the real world, and not simply rushed to market for a quick buck.

If the idea of putting a cube into a bottle speaks to you, then you will learn all you need to know from this. Your biggest challenge will be finding it in stock!

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