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Chaos Cube by Alfonso Abejuela

This is going to be short and sweet!

Chaos Cube is a new routine for a now classic gimmick. Alfonso Abejuela pushes Daryl’s “Enchanted Cube” to the max with a three phase routine. It’s only $25 and includes an RD cube that has been gimmicked in the same way as an Enchanted Cube meaning it will turn as smooth as possible.

The routine allows you to mix a cube and visually solve it layer by layer. The cube is mixed again and solved two layers at a time. And finally, the cube is mixed and solved instantly in a very visual way.

The 35 minute tutorial includes a few different false shuffles to make the routine complete. The moves to affect the solves are taught very well with slow motion shots and over-the-shoulder views. There are a few bonus “solves” taught as well that use a more classic approach to the enchanted cube. He also teaches how to take the cube apart and put it back together in case you accidentally mix the cube. 

It’s much easier to perform than most cube magic, and the three phases build nicely. Like the original, this one isn’t examinable. The only downside to this routine is that the angles on this are a little more restricted since the cube is held so openly. If you are performing with the audience in really wide angles, you may have to use some creative blocking.

Overall, for $25 it’s a great value, and with just a little practice, you can have some very stunning visuals that impossible to achieve with a normal cube.


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